Members survey – meeting venue and other questions

This short survey should only take a couple of minutes to complete, and will give really useful feedback.

Whalley Range Branch Labour Party normally meets once a month, with the exception of April (if there are local elections in May that year), August (when many members are on holiday) and December (when people tend to be busy with Christmas preparations). The Annual General Meeting (or AGM, when officers of the branch and constituency delegates are elected) normally happens in June. There are also selection meetings for council election candidates, which happen according to a strict timetable set by the City Party which varies from year to year.

The ‘old’ Whalley Range branch met at the Play Centre for the last few years. However with the change in ward geography this venue may no longer be as convenient (especially for members coming from the ‘new’ parts of the ward). So the new Exec Committee wants to consult all members to find out if an alternative location would be better, and while we’re at it we also thought we’d ask about your preferences for the meeting date, and your likely level of involvement with your local branch more generally.

Following the last meeting of the Exec Committee, two meeting venues are currently proposed – Manley Park Play Centre, York Avenue, M16 0AS (see map here) and St Edmund’s Church, 16 Alexandra Road South, M16 8EZ (see map here). However you may have other suggestions, and can add them in the survey (please include as much information as you can).

Roughly how often do you see yourself attending branch meetings?

To restart the survey at any time, click here.

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