Whalley Range Labour Party in Alexandra ParkThis is the website of the Whalley Range branch of the Labour Party. The ward is located in south Manchester and includes parts of Manchester Gorton and Manchester Central parliamentary constituencies. You can contact the branch team using this link.

Eco-Takeaway Campaign launches on Facebook

Bano with some containers made from bagasse

The Whalley Range Eco-Takeaway Campaign has now launched a new Facebook page @WhalleyRangeETC.

Muqaddasah Bano (Whalley Range Labour candidate in the local election on Thursday 6 May) says “If you’re a customer of any of the takeaway food outlets in or around Whalley Range ward, please visit the page and add your comments to the very short survey there. We want to start by gathering as much information as possible before talking to businesses about the possible benefits of offering more environmentally friendly packaging options”.

One option is an agricultural by-product called bagasse – it’s made from material left over from juice extraction. It’s fully compostable and costs about 5p per carton more than polystyrene.

‘Ramadan mubarak’ from Bano, Aftab and Angeliki

Councillors Aftab Razaq and Angeliki Stogia join with the Whalley Range Labour candidate Muqaddasah Bano to give their best wishes to everyone in our area who is observing the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which begins shortly. Bano adds this message:

Muslims around the world pray at this time that our faith is strengthened and our souls purified through exercising ‘sawm’ and ‘salat’ (fasting and daily prayers). We’ll pray to Allah to bestow politeness in our words and prosperity in our resources, so that we can donate more to His people. We believe that Allah will always be with us if we try to spread love and affection.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 and the start of 2021 have been very difficult for all our communities in Whalley Range –  with many going through difficult times and sadly losing loved ones. I wish and pray that this Ramadan brings better and happier times for us all. If you are observing the fast this month, I wish you a happy Ramadan, and if you are not, do please wish us good luck and give us your support.

Neighbours join BMHC to plant remembrance trees

A group of local residents and garden enthusiasts recently approached the British Muslim Heritage Centre about creating a small avenue of five new trees in the grounds, close to the College Road frontage. They proposed a range of species which will all blossom in the spring, intended to provide an annual reminder of the onset of the pandemic in 2020 and support reflection on the terrible toll of lives lost to Covid-19, while also leaving a symbolic legacy of beauty pointing to a better future for the community and for nature.

The donation and planting of the trees was led by Yvonne Jez, Madeleine Edwards and Robina Shah, joined in the sunshine this morning by more College Road neighbours and BMHC supporters and by Afzal Khan MP and Whalley Range Councillors Aftab Razaq and Angeliki Stogia. Angeliki said “It was a real pleasure to join in the planting this morning – this is a wonderful initiative by local residents which will hopefully lead to much more in the future.” Yvonne explains “The communal planting and dedication of trees by members of the BMHC and residents of Whalley Range provides an opportunity for us to come together, enjoy nature, commemorate and reflect on an extraordinary time, and to say thank you to or celebrate the life of someone we love”.

Councillors’ update: recent reports of stalking

The Whalley Range councillors are aware of recent reports in the media that a woman who lives in the ward has been troubled by a male stalker.

They provided this statement: “Stalking is a devastating and a particularly distressing crime that creates fear and unrest for the victim as well as their loved ones. We had been made aware of this particular issue previously and raised it with the police – it is just not acceptable and should not be tolerated in Whalley Range. We would urge anyone who is a victim of stalking, or who has concerns regarding someone being stalked, to contact police immediately. In the meantime we will remain in dialogue with GMP about the problem”.

Marking International Women’s Day in 2021

Bano and Angeliki this morning

Across the world on 8 March every year for over a century, women have come together to both celebrate and push forward the struggle for gender parity.

Inevitably, due to the pandemic the nature of the occasion had to change this year. Labour candidate Muqaddasah Bano and Councillor Angeliki Stogia decided to meet by the statue of Emmeline Pankhurst in St Peter’s Square, Manchester to mark the day together.

Bano, who will be standing for Whalley Range in the election on 6 May, says “I pass this statue on my way to work in the city centre. It’s called Rise Up Women and I think it is very inspirational. I have campaigned for many years on the issue of domestic violence, and gender equality is very important to me. I would like to show solidarity with women everywhere on International Women’s Day”.