Go Postal – apply to vote early this year

Mary, Bano and Angeliki have all gone postal

The government has reconfirmed that the local election postponed from last year will take place on Thursday 6 May. While electors can be confident that voting on the day at polling stations will be completely safe, it may be less convenient than usual – for example, some polling stations may have to temporarily relocate (especially those normally in schools), and voters may have to queue outside at busier times.

So if you haven’t already, why not Go Postal this year? You can easily apply to vote early by post online – follow this link to find out more on the Manchester City Council and download the form. After completing and signing the form, you can submit it by email with either a scan or a clear, legible photo of the completed form attached.

Muqaddasah Bano, Labour candidate for Whalley Range, says “I usually vote at my local polling station, but this year is different – I’m going postal. It only took a couple of minutes to apply, it was quite a simple form.”

If you still have questions about applying for a postal vote, contact us.

Council budget 2021/22 – have your say by 21 February

As previously reported, Manchester City Council faces some very tough choices to try and address a huge shortfall in the budget for the next financial year, caused by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Council will vote on the budget at their full meeting in March. You have an opportunity to comment on the proposals before then – to read more about the spending plans for each department and have your say, follow this link to the Council website. The consultation closes on 21 February.

Have your say on a possible Council Tax increase

Manchester City Council’s net revenue budget – the budget used to deliver services – is just over £666m. More than half of this budget is spent on Health and Social Care, and Children’s Services.

The council is facing an incredibly difficult budget position in 2021/22. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has meant increased costs – especially for services which support the city’s most vulnerable people – and a big hit to their income. The anticipated hit to next year’s budget from Covid-19 costs is £134m.

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Taking action on eviction as the Covid-19 crisis bites

Assia discusses some of the issues faced by tenants with Isaac Rose of Greater Manchester Tenants Union

On 20 September the Tory government scrapped their temporary suspension of landlords’ rights to serve eviction notices. Tenants across the country can face losing their homes if they fall behind with rent due to short-term hardship during the Covid-19 crisis.

Assia Shah, Whalley Range Labour candidate in May 2021, says “I’m really concerned about the impact this may have, especially in Whalley Range and Moss Side with many people living in rented accommodation – it could lead to huge stress and worry for people who might be in temporary money difficulties through no fault of their own. The Councillors and I strongly support the Labour leadership in calling for the eviction ban to be extended at least until there is a proper plan to take us through this crisis”.

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Keeping cyclists and walkers in the Loop…

Assia, Aftab and Angeliki meet local cyclists on the Fallowfield Loop

Manchester City Council, with partners Sustrans and Transport for Greater Manchester, have big plans to upgrade the popular cycling (and walking) route along the Fallowfield Loop, and they have launched a consultation to prioritise the improvements.

The traffic-free route links Chorlton in the west to Gorton and Fairfield in the east, running along the southern edge of Whalley Range ward with a ground-level link on Athol Road. Funding for this work has been earmarked from the Mayor’s Challenge Fund. Assia Shah, Whalley Range Labour candidate in the next local election, says “The Council are seeking the views of all users of this much-loved amenity on how this money should be spent. If you ever spend time cycling, jogging or even walking the dog on the Fallowfield Loop, I urge you to let them know how you think it can best be improved”.

The consultation closes on Friday 21 August. For more information and to take part, see the web page here.