Withington Rd to be resurfaced this June

Angeliki checks the state of some of the existing potholes before work starts

The surface of Withington Road between Manley Road and the old Whalley pub has been in poor condition for some time, with a number of potholes making things difficult for drivers and creating dangers for cyclists. But as part of the £100m highways investment programme by the City Council, this section of the road is now going to be fully resurfaced, with work starting on Thursday 4 June.

Cllr Angeliki Stogia says “Aftab, Mary and I know that local residents have had concerns about the condition of this road, and we’ve been pushing for this work to be prioritised. We’re really pleased that it will soon be underway.”

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Coronavirus update and information links

Here is a quick update from your Whalley Range Labour team of Cllr Aftab Razaq, Cllr Angeliki Stogia, Cllr Mary Watson and Assia Shah.

We hope you and your families are managing to stay in good health in this very difficult and challenging time.

As the pandemic unfolds and government policy starts to move from lockdown into another phase, many of you have concerns and questions about health, jobs, housing, education and benefits, and worries for the future. Unfotunately we still can’t hold face-to-face advice sessions but you can contact us by phone or email (see here for details). We will try and respond as quickly as we can. Below is a short list of useful phone numbers and some links to sources of information and help.

The City Council will continue to do all it can to manage the impact of coronavirus on Manchester, and plan ahead for future recovery from this crisis.

Please stay safe

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Covid-19 – mutual support and help in Whalley Range

A quick update from the three Whalley Range Labour councillors (Aftab Razaq, Angeliki Stogia and Mary Watson) :

These are of course very challenging times for all Whalley Range residents. We hope you can remain safe and well as we move through this uncertain period.

Some people have asked us about local neighbourhood ‘mutual support’ groups to help us all cope in the current crisis. We are encouraging anyone who would like to get involved in this way to join and engage with the Whalley Range COVID-19 Facebook group. You can check there to see if a local WhatsApp support group has been set up for your street, and follow the listed links to join it – or if your immediate neighbourhood doesn’t have one yet, of course you can set it up.

Alternatively, for any individual who is keen to offer help directly, Whalley Rangers have organised a short questionnaire so that they can be safely matched with residents who may need help or just a reliable point of contact (ie someone to ‘look out’ for them).

Unfortunately we have been advised that we should no longer hold face-to-face advice sessions, so these are suspended for the time being. But please be assured that we are still working hard for you – you can always contact us by phone or email, follow the links on our web page here.

And more generally – let’s look out for each other, be kind, and follow official advice. The Council has a web page of useful information here, where you can also sign up for updates.

GM bus consultation – our councillors’ response

The public consultation on proposals by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham to bring the region’s bus services back under public control has now closed. The three Whalley Range councillors (Angeliki Stogia, Mary Watson and Aftab Razaq) are all strongly in favour of the plans – you can read their submission to the consultation here.

Whalley Range Labour candidate Assia Shah says “Angeliki, Mary, Aftab and I will continue to push for the improvements we all need to our public transport infrastructure, including better buses. We’re looking forward to hearing about the outcome of the consultation and the next steps in this process”.