GMP holding public consultation event in Whalley Range

Aftab Razaq, Angeliki Stogia and Muqaddasah Bano, the three Whalley Range Labour councillors, are frequently in contact with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) about issues which have been raised with them by local residents.

Now, GMP are carrying out a wide ranging public consultation on their neighbourhood policing. This includes an online survey which all members of the public are invited to complete, and a number of public events to be attended by senior police officers. One of these will be held next week in Whalley Range at the British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC, College Road, Whalley Range, Manchester, M16 8BP) on Tuesday 8 March at 7pm (concluding at 9pm).

More details about the consultation are in the following GMP statement:

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Councillors’ update: recent reports of stalking

The Whalley Range councillors are aware of recent reports in the media that a woman who lives in the ward has been troubled by a male stalker.

They provided this statement: “Stalking is a devastating and a particularly distressing crime that creates fear and unrest for the victim as well as their loved ones. We had been made aware of this particular issue previously and raised it with the police – it is just not acceptable and should not be tolerated in Whalley Range. We would urge anyone who is a victim of stalking, or who has concerns regarding someone being stalked, to contact police immediately. In the meantime we will remain in dialogue with GMP about the problem”.

Whalley Range and all Manchester will stand together

The terrible attack at the Manchester Arena on Monday night has cast a deep shadow over our city. There is a particular resonance here in Whalley Range where police have arrested one of several individuals currently being questioned as they investigate the origins of this outrage.
Community groups and leaders, and many local residents are determined to challenge anyone who tries to use the atrocity to drive a wedge between the different communities who live in Whalley Range, and to reinforce the message that we are Stronger Together. Manley Park Methodist Church (116A Egerton Road North, pictured) have opened their doors from 1pm to 9pm today for all local residents to drop in and make whatever response they feel is appopriate, and others gathered at 3pm at Manley Park Play Centre at the invitation of PCSO Ahmed Farooqi. The Carlton Club are holding a fundraising event for victims on Sunday June 4th (see here for more information).

GMP cycling initiative – don’t get too close

Picture of Cllr Angeliki Stogia with PCSO and camera bikeGreater Manchester Police, along with other police authorities around the country, want to raise awareness of the dangers of ‘close passing’ – when motorists overtake cyclists dangerously without keeping a safe distance.

GMP invited Whalley Range councillor Angeliki Stogia along to the launch exercise of the GMP Pedal Cycle Close Pass Initiative this morning. Plain clothes officers rode special bikes equipped with movie cameras, and motorists who failed to give safe clearance were pulled over and offered on-the-spot education on how to pass cyclists safely. Those who refused or had committed an offence were reported and may face a day at the courts. Drivers without insurance or using their phones while driving were also pulled in.

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Community Speedwatch scheme for Whalley Range

Angeliki Brantingham RdSpeeding cars and anti-social driving continue to be a problem on some streets in Whalley Range and Chorlton. Councillor Angeliki Stogia has been talking to local community organisations about setting up a Community Speedwatch scheme. This is a new initiative where active members of the community join together with the support of the police to monitor the speed of vehicles using detection devices.
Angeliki says “We have a number of people already interested, but we’re keen to hear from more of you who want to help tackle this problem and take a stand against inconsiderate drivers in our neighbourhood.” Continue reading