Alexandra Park pavilion cafe – councillors’ update

Many people have been surprised and saddened by the news that Coffee Cranks, who currently operate the cafe facility in the Alex Park pavilion building, have decided to close when their current lease terminates at the end of this month. The three Whalley Range Labour councillors (Angeliki Stogia, Muqaddasah Bano and Aftab Razaq) have made this statement about the closure:

Over the last five years, Coffee Cranks have proved to be a great asset to Alex Park, providing a welcoming and well-managed facility which has been really popular with all parts of the local community. So we were really disappointed to hear that they will be closing, and we are concerned about why this has happened. Since learning about the imminent closure, Angeliki has spoken to the Coffee Cranks managers and then to the Council’s Parks team leader. We understand that Coffee Cranks were offered an extension to their lease at a very late stage, but the circumstances of the offer and a history of poor communication have sadly been factors in their decision not to continue their operation in Alex Park.

Although it appears to be too late to change the decision of Coffee Cranks, we will try to establish the facts of the process which has led to this point, including making detailed enquiries of those involved on the Council team, so that at least lessons can be learnt for the future to avoid repeating this unfortunate outcome.

In the meantime, we have received an undertaking from the Parks service that the pavilion toilets will be open as normal from Tuesday 2 August, and that they will continue to support the regular schedule of activity and the school holiday programme in this well used space. They have also told us “there will be a short period of time until we have a partner on site to offer refreshments”.

We will keep everyone updated as and when we find out more.

7 thoughts on “Alexandra Park pavilion cafe – councillors’ update

  1. Can’t help feeling the council have made a massive mistake for our community given the struggle to get a decent leaseholder for the cafe originally and then the poor experience of the previous company.
    Coffee cranks turned this around and made a proper community space and battled on during lockdown. They should be supported by the council. This is a loss to the whole community

    • Hi Mike, yes it’s a real shame that Coffee Cranks feel they can’t continue, and as per statement the councillors hope to get to the bottom of what has happened

  2. Totally agree with the comment above. I’m sorry councillors, but this is just too little too late. I want to see guaranteed extended leases to any future traiders at a minimum, but I’m very concerned they won’t be the asset to the community that coffee cranks was. I’d like to see the findings from your inquiries and I’m sure others would too.

    • Hi Becca, as per the statement, the councillors were only made aware of the situation when Coffee Cranks had already taken the decision to close

      • hope to see an update on this soon, thanks for looking into it, am just surprised it seems to have happened without anyone knowing, very strange.

  3. Can you please look into the imminent closure of the cafe located within Alexandra Park, Moss Side. This cafe plays a significant role within the local community as a meeting place for the many users of the park who’s numbers have increased significantly since the Covid pandemic with many people using the park for organised exercise activities and recreation. The cafe has become an important focal point for people to meet and enjoy this lovely park and the facilities it provides. It is a great shame that as the number of people visiting the park has increased that one of its key facilities should be closed without any notice or discussion with the local community. It would be greatly appreciated if you could determine the reasons for the closure and what if anything is being planned to replace or re-open this important community meeting place .

  4. So……. disappointed at the closure of my favourite Park Cafe. My mother in law is in care of a local nursing home and it was such a pleasure and respite to head for a walk followed by coffee and a bite. I cannot speak more highly of Coffee Cranks. Why do such good things that go on in a Community have to turn sour.

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