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Josie Teubler

A message from our outgoing (in both senses) Chair for 2013, Josie Teubler:

“We are a group of local Labour Party members who live in Whalley Range ward, and we meet once a month to discuss local, national and international issues. We often have a guest speaker and lively debate, and it’s also an opportunity for members to get more involved in their community and city.

Like the national Labour Party our core values are social equality, justice and working towards a society where opportunity is equal, no matter what your background.

Under this Tory-led coalition we have been dismayed at how the gap between the rich and poor is widening, our NHS is being put up for sale, and more and more jobs are badly paid and insecure, while the cost of living continues to rise.

If you live in Whalley Range and are interested in joining the Labour Party (or already a member and would like to become more involved), then please have a look around our website and get in touch with us.”

We are delighted that Josie has been selected to stand as the Labour candidate for the 2014 City Council local elections in Didsbury West ward.