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Dyson Boss James dyson announces 1000 job losses in the uK!

Dyson have made the shock announcement of 1000 job losses in the UK, which amounts to a quarter of their workforce.

Chief executive Hanno Kirner said: “We have grown quickly and, like all companies, we review our global structures from time to time to ensure we are prepared for the future. As such, we are proposing changes to our organisation, which may result in redundancies.

Dyson operates in increasingly fierce and competitive global markets, in which the pace of innovation and change is only accelerating. We know we always need to be entrepreneurial and agile – principles that are not new to Dyson.

Decisions which impact close and talented colleagues are always incredibly painful. Those whose roles are at risk of redundancy as a result of the proposals will be supported through the process,” he concluded.

Whalley Range Labour - Boris Johnson Stuck on Zip Wire

Opinion: So yet another uber keen Brexiteer has thrown his employees on the scrapheap, after clearly being affected by the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, which they robustly advocated. Dyson, moved his headquarters to Singapore in 2019, therefore avoiding damaging Brexit trade barriers, whilst benefitting from Singapore’s lucrative free trade deal with the EU. He also claims the job losses are nothing to do with Brexit! When they tell you who they are, believe them!

The damage caused to the UK economy by Brexit is incalculable, and although I can’t see us enduring another bruising battle over European membership any time soon, my hope is we can lower trade barriers by having closer alignment with the Single Market and Custom Union. Only the deranged Far Right leader of Reform UK – Nigel Farage, STILL thinks the reason Brexit’s failed is because the UK negotiated the wrong type of Brexit. He seriously believes Brexit WILL work if we have an even harder Brexit!

Whalley Range Labour look forward to Sir Keir Starmer fostering a closer and more respectful relatioship with the EU, than his Tory predecessors, so we can return to some semblance of political stability and economic prosperity, both of which have collapsed since 2016.

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