Whalley Range Labour - Sir Keir Starmer Cast His Vote in The 2024 UK General Election

General Election day 2024!

Thursday 12th December 2019 marked Labour’s worst election performance for 80 years. Now, it seems like a distant nightmare which we’ll hopefully correct today. However, with high office comes huge responsibility, and the UK will be looking to us to begin the process of reversing 14 years of Tory austerity, Brexit, sleaze, economic carnage and the resultant cost of living crisis which has decimated our public services and our living standards.

If Labour win today, we can only do so much in the coming Parliamentary term because of the stagnant economy we’ll inherit. Our aim is to use this website to connect with our electorate with not just important local issues, but with national and international issues which will affect us too. If I were to highlight three priorities for an incoming Labour Government, they’d be Health Care, Housing and our mental health crisis which has skyrocketed since the COVID 19 lockdowns.

On the brighter side I’m confident that if triumphant, Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Government will ultimately deliver for the UK, but we’ll need to give them time and be realistic with our expectations. Our primary mission MUST be to win power first, and only then can we properly assess the extent of the damage done to the UK under the CONservatives, so we can create a clear viable strategy for recovery.

In the coming days we’ll be giving in depth profile analysis of the state of the union, and we’ll be offering opinions and solutions for debate. You can connect with us using our contact form, on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter (X) and Instagram. I know many of us are despondent with broken Britain, but only we the people can fix what the Tories have decimated.

Fingers crossed for a positive election result for our MP Afzal Khan, prospective MP Councillor Angeliki Stogia, and for all Labour candidates standing today. We look forward to having a much closer personal and working relationship with you all.


Whalley Range Labour Executuve Committee

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