Prime MInister Sir Keir Starmer meets US President Joe Biden at NATO

Keir Starmer on the world stage at NATO – Joe Biden

Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer looked perfectly at home on the world stage meeting President Joe Biden at the NATO summit, as NATO leaders stood for photo opportunities with the alliance’s secretary general Jens Stoltenberg. On the agenda is NATO defence spending, the war in Ukraine and the ongoing war in Palestine. It’s certainly been a whirlwind few days for the Labour Party Leader since his landslide General Election victory, and he’s taking it all in his stride and certainly looking every bit the Statesman.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for President Biden since his lacklustre showing in the head to head debate with Donald Trump. This has led to increasing calls for him to stand down after his term as President is over in November. Biden has done a stunning job of turning around America’s economy after the COVID 19 pandemic and the energy crisis caused by Putin’s war with Ukraine, however he’s 81 year old and looking increasingly frail which is causing grave concern at home and abroad.

The MAGA Republicans have been stoking fears about Biden’s age since he won the Democratic nomination in 2020, but it didn’t stop him from winning the following General Election to become America’s 46th President. Trump STILL disputes the result, even after having 61 election result appeals thrown out of court, 42 of them by Republican appointed judges! Biden believes he’s still the best man to beat Trump, but the polls are too close to call, with many having Biden behind in the critical key states he needs to win for a second White House term.

The seeds of doubt over Biden’s age were planted by MAGA Republicans years ago, but his poor performance in the recent Presidential debate now has Democrats calling for him to put party before self and stand down. Biden’s flatly refused and called out the Democrats who wants him gone to stand against him, but the calls for him to step down are growing nevertheless. America loves a winner, and they’re a brutal bunch in this respect, but it seems the American people are becoming increasingly concerned for his health, and the Democrats chances of beating Trump, and holding on to the House and Senate.

Whalley Range Labour - George Clooney and Joe Biden

Tonight, reports are circulating that Democrat Minority House Leader Hakeem Jeffries and other senior Democrats have scheduled an emergency meeting with Biden before the Democrat Party Conference to discuss his candidacy. Biden’s not quelling their concerns either, with footage of him losing his train of thought when speaking at the NATO Conference today. Other reports suggest that world leaders privately fear another Donald Trump term, and are desperate for America to sort out the Biden situation.

To make matters worse for Biden, tonight former Democrat House Leader Nancy Pelosi seemed to give him only lukewarm backing to continue in the Presidential race, and this comes after a scathing Op-Ed in today’s New York Times from Hollywood actor and major Democrat donor George Clooney, pleading with ‘his friend’ Joe Biden to stand down from the Presidential race for the good of America.

Whalley Range Labour - Donald Trump and Nigel Farage

As the saying goes ‘When America sneezes, Britain catches a cold’, and waiting in the wings to become the UK’s Donald Trump is his close friend and political ally, the Far Right leader of Reform UK, Nigel Farage. Farage has made little secret that he wants to either take over the British CONservative Party, or destroy it and become Labour’s official opposition. Farage’s Reform UK Party returned five MPs to Parliament after the UK General Election, but even more concerning is that Reform came second to Labour in over 100 seats.

The nightmare scenario that much of the Western world fears is an axis of Trump, Putin and Farage. Farage has made no secret of his admiration of both authoritarian strongman leaders, and they of him too. Trump’s alleged Agenda 2025 has frightened the life out of ordinary Americans, who’re already reeling from the draconian MAGA Republican restrictions placed on reproductive healthcare, after the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. MAGA’s Agenda 2025 is promising to go much, much further by even banning female contraception and monitoring pregnant women to stop them crossing state lines for terminations, even if going full term with unviable pregnancies threatens their lives, and/or chances of conceiving in the future. Most Americans may not want Trumpism, but they’re increasingly turning away from Bidenism too, because of his age and fragile state.

Whalley Range Labour - Donald Trump - Nigel Farage - Vladimir Putin

Has old father time caught up with President Joe Biden? What effect will another Trump Presidency have on the UK, Europe, NATO and the current world order? We’re certainly living in uncertain times, but thankfully the adults are back in control at No 10, and in Sir Keir Starmer, we have a very skillfull political operator, who took the UK Labour Party from the ashes of the 2019 General Election Tory landslide, to produce an even bigger Labour landslide reverse 5 years later.

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