Triple win for Labour in Whalley Range!

The people of Whalley Range went to the polls yesterday in the Manchester local elections, with all three seats on the council up for grabs. On a cool day, there was a turnout of 37% and the results were as follows:

Aftab Razaq Labour Party 2,483
Mary Watson Labour Party 2,379
Angeliki Stogia Labour Party 2,327
Issy Patience Green Party 1,414
Matt Schriebke Green Party 958
Stephanie Wyatt Green Party 885
Others Liberal Democrats and Conservatives 81-140

The result means that Aftab is re-elected for a term of four years, Mary for two years and Angeliki for one year respectively. After the decalaration, Aftab thanked the staff for the conduct of the election and the count, and said “I also especially thank the people of Whalley Range for putting their faith in their Labour team once again. We promise we will repay them by continuing to work hard for everyone in the area”.

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