Bano: my pledges for the local election on 6 May

Bano and supporters were joined by Afzal Khan MP on the campaign trail yesterday around Brantingham Road

There are ten days to go until the local elections on Thursday 6 May. Here in Whalley Range, the Labour candidate Muqaddasah Bano and her supporters have been busy calling on residents for the past seven weeks to talk about some of the issues and problems that people are facing locally. Here she sets out her main pledges if she is elected as Councillor for the ward. Bano says:

I promise to work with everyone in our ward to build a greener, safer and cleaner Whalley Range.

Battling the pandemic – I’ll support the work of the Council fighting Covid-19 and encouraging vaccine take-up

Healthier travel for all – I will back projects to create better cycling and walking routes and improve public transport

Tackling social problems – I’ll campaign against domestic violence and anti-social behaviour, and for age-friendly initiatives

Better, safer, cleaner roads – I want to get our roads up to scratch and tackle speeding cars and poor air quality near schools

Dealing with the rubbish – I will push to further improve recycling rates, and confront the nuisance of fly-tipping and litter

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