Chorlton to city centre cycle route – have your say

As posted in January, a major new cycling (and walking) route from Chorlton Park to the city centre is planned which will run the full length of Upper Chorlton Road. Preliminary designs for the new £13.4m scheme have been prepared, and Manchester City Council are inviting all local residents to consult with them about the proposals. Full details are on the council website, and the consultation will close in mid-January 2019.

As well as leaving comments online, you can attend one of four drop-in events which are being held at locations close to the route. The event nearest to the Whalley Range section is happening on Wednesday 25th November from 3.15-7pm at Limelight, 1 St Brides Way, M16 9NW M16 9NW (just along Shrewsbury Street from the old Whalley pub).

Councillor Angeliki Stogia helped launch the consultation process alongside Greater Manchester Cycling and Walking Commissioner Chris Boardman. She says \”This is a really exciting project which will benefit everyone. At present I both drive and cycle. I want to cycle more – it’s good exercise, it saves money and above all it reduces air pollution and traffic congestion – but at busy times I’m put off cycling into town because of fears about safety.

A dedicated cycle route, clearly marked and mostly segregated from other traffic, will encourage me and many others to take the plunge and start using our bikes more. We’ll feel better for it – and so will car users, because with more drivers taking to bikes there will be fewer cars on the road, so less traffic and pollution”.

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