Use your votes for Labour on Thursday

Aftab Razaq ballotAs you probably know, elections are being held on Thursday 7 May. If you live in Whalley Range ward and are eligible, you will have two votes, for the Local and for the General Elections. Please use both your votes for Labour – for Aftab RAZAQ in the local election for Councillor, and for Gerald KAUFMAN in the General Election for your Member of Parliament.
By now you should have received your poll card – it will tell you the address of your polling station. You can vote between 7am and 10pm. You do not have to take your poll card in order to vote, although it may speed things up a little. If you believe that you are registered to vote but have not yet received a card, then contact the Electoral Services Unit immediately on 0161 234 1212.
Gerald Kaufman ballotIf you have a postal vote, you should complete and return it as soon as possible. If it is too late to return it by post, you can deliver it on Thursday to any polling station in the ward.

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