Vote ‘Remain’ on Thursday 23rd June

Councillors vote remainAngeliki Stogia, Mary Watson and Aftab Razaq (our three Whalley Range Labour councillors seen here in Manley Park) urge all local residents to vote to ‘Remain a member of the European Union‘ (the first option on the ballot paper) in the Referendum vote on Thursday 23rd June. “The EU is not perfect, we all know that” say the councillors, “But the benefits of membership far outweigh the costs, especially for our own city of Manchester. European funding has helped us to build Europe’s biggest tram network, has provided millions in investment for local universities and businesses to fund research and innovation, delivered new skills and training to thousands of Manchester residents to help them get into work, and helped protect or create many more jobs. We are all voting to ‘Remain’, and we hope that you are too”.

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