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Whalley Range Labour - 2019 General Election in Manchester

General Election 2019 – make sure you can vote

As you will certainly know by now, a general election will take place in the UK on Thursday 12 December.

While Labour supporters will embrace the opportunity to ditch a failed Tory government and hopefully put Labour back in power, the timing of the election will bring problems – short daylight hours, cold weather (or worse), winter break holidays, the distraction of the pre-Christmas season and (for students) the ending of university term may all conspire to lower the turnout. So please make sure that you and everyone you know who backs Labour will be able to use your votes – feel free to pass on this information to anyone you know who might need it:

    • The deadline for voter registration is midnight on Tuesday 26 November. You can be registered in more than one place – so students who may be returning to their family homes before 12 December can register to vote there just in case. See here for our quick Q&A explaining what’s involved, and here for a link to register.
    • The deadline for postal vote applications is likely to be 5pm on the same day – Tuesday 26 November. If you have any doubts whether you may be able to vote in person on the day – bad weather, social engagements, helping the Labour get-out-the-vote campaign – then apply for a postal vote. If you prefer, you can get one just for this election by ticking the appropriate box on the form.

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