Speeding, recycling, and your local area – tell us what you think

20mph signRecently there have been changes to speed limits on many local roads, and new information released on the Council’s recycling programme. The Whalley Range Labour councillors (Angeliki, Mary and Aftab) want to find out what local residents in Whalley Range (and east Chorlton) think about these changes, and how they feel about their local area.recycling-bin-307684_640 We have prepared a short set of questions (the link is here) which only takes a couple of minutes to fill in – so please let them know your views. We’ll keep the link open to the end of October 2015. And remember you can contact the councillors at any time if there are issues you wish to discuss with them – see the Councillors pages for contact information.

4 thoughts on “Speeding, recycling, and your local area – tell us what you think

  1. Hello, I live in a flat on withington road and am wondering why we aren’t supplied with the little containers and bags to put food waste in that houses seem to be?

    Many Thanks

    Victoria Dodd

    • Dear Victoria,
      Food containers and bags can be ordered online at the council web site (the link is here, then click on “New bin, box, bag or kitchen waste bags”). To be able to recycle, the apartment block needs a green bin. Normally apartment blocks have managing agents who are responsible for the communal areas and managing the bins. If there is not a green bin currently, you would need to speak with your managing agent (or landlord, or management company as the case may be) so one can be ordered.
      Hopefully this resolves your query, but if not it would probably best to get in touch with Councillor Angeliki Stogia direct, and she will try to help.

  2. I am worried that with “general” 20 mph speed limits drivers will not relate them to risk areas like schools and exceed the 20mph limits near schools with added risk to children.
    Are accident surveys going to be conducted before and after introduction?


    Gerard Collier

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